Scapes in Kabat-Zinn

Middle of the night awakening, and tired, I cannot seem to still my thoughts and sleep. Then I remember Jon Kabat-Zinn’s discussion of the ‘soundscape’ in which we are immersed and I turn off my thoughts for a minute just to listen. I sink into sound; the deeper I go, the more aware I become of levels and layers of sounds and rhythms in the mid-night world.

And then the alarm is thrumming and it’s time to rise.

I walk the dog in the early morning and the air is cool and light against my skin. I think of Kabat-Zinn’s discussion of airscape–of swimming in air. “Myself,” he writes, “I am currently having an on-again, off-again love affair with the air. When I remember, the affair is on. When I forget, it is off again until the air itself re-minds me and re-bodies me.”

I try, this week, to stay in the ‘remember’ zone.


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