Getting my Re-Books On


3 thoughts on “Getting my Re-Books On

  1. Woohoo, thanks so much, Pam! I didn’t realize you had this blog, too! I so hope you enjoy my book. As to the finishing a book, your mother’s advice sounds like my parents’ “advice” about eating–never leave the table without finishing your plate. Three hours later I was still stubbornly sitting at the table with the dried, smelly lima beans heaped in front of me. It’s a freeing feeling to be able to set away when something isn’t right for us.

  2. My favourite rereads: Pride and Prejudice, Silas Marner, Rebecca, and, last but not least, two of Steinbeck’s: East of Eden, and Grapes of Wrath.
    All books I can’t ever imagine stepping away from although there are others where that has been the only right choice. And, Pam, thanks for introducing me to Luanne. I’m looking forward to reading her.

  3. Oh, wonderful choices, Jill! Grapes of Wrath was a revelation, first time through, yea those many years ago. That would be a great re-visit… And I think you’ll really enjoy Luanne’s writing!

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